STARS Program

As part of our program, the staff has created a behavioral matrix identifying our school’s expectations:  Be Respectful of Self, Others, Adults, and Resources.  The matrix defines these expectations in all settings of the school including the hallways, cafeteria, classroom, and restrooms. 

Throughout the school year, students learn and review the behavioral expectations during their Eagle Time class meetings. 

In addition, at the end of each semester, BHMS sponsors a field trip during the school day for students who achieve certain criteria.  The criteria for the semester(s) field trip is listed below.  

Field Trip Requirements:

  1. Attendance – Student is present at school 95% of the days during the semester(s).95% attendance during the semester(s) equates to missing 4 days or less if there aren’t any snow days. 
  2. Academic Achievement – Student earns a grade of C- or higher in each class during the semester(s). 
  3. School Discipline – Student receives no office referrals during the semester(s).
  4. School Activities – Student participates in extracurricular activities and qualifies by meeting ONE of the following (see reverse side for complete list) during the semester(s):
  • 1 MSHAA recognized sport OR 2 school-sponsored activities