Attention Parents:

Attached you will find the following information. Please read through it carefully as it applies to you.

  1. Updated PRIVIT instructions 2018-19 Parent Instructions.pdf

You should use this information if you will have a student or students in middle school activities/athletic programs in 2018-19. You need to open a PRIVIT account for storing medical information and a current physical before your student can compete this coming school year. These instructions will walk you through those steps as well as how to e-sign all required forms. Also, any parent/student who already has a PRIVIT account will get directions on updating and uploading a new physical.

  1. PRIVIT-Instructions for Parents Transitioning from MS to HS.pdf

These instructions are very specific for current 8th-grade students/parents who need to now transfer their information from a middle school PRIVIT account to a high school account. Don't start over! Use these directions to make the transition smoothly and easily.

  1. PRIVIT Profile APP Instructions.pdf

This APP is making life easier for users of PRIVIT. Instructions on downloading the APP to your smartphone are included. Use the APP to update or use your student's PRIVIT account quickly and easily at any time. You don't have to use the APP. We are making it available because many people are now using apps on their smartphones for all types of daily transactions.

Thanks for your attention to this as we prepare for the 2018-19 activities seasons.

Mark Bubalo

Director of District Activities

Blue Springs District Privit completion guide